Bei & Ocean is a full-scope IP firm in China with a focus on patent, founded over twenty years ago when China enacted her very first patent statute. The firm started in Tianjin as an affiliate of the prestigious Tianjin University, and has been headed by Prof. Zhenhua Jiang. Now being independent and privately owned, the firm has expanded into a full service IP firm under an efficient management system brought in by Dr. George Wang, an experienced U.S. patent lawyer. While its main focus is on patent, the firm also possesses great expertise in handling matters related to trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets and other forms of intellectual properties. Recently, the firm opened a Hong Kong office to better serve its overseas clients.

Hong Kong, an international financial center and business and travel hub for Asia, is a Special Administrative Region of China, maintaining a separate social and economic system from the mainland. It was named the world's freest economy for the 13th year by the Heritage Foundation. Steeped in unique blends of Eastern and Western traditions and with English and Chinese both being the official languages, Hong Kong serves an efficient bridge between China and the world.

Tianjin, the third largest city in China, located less than 100 miles from Beijing, is one of the four municipalities directly under the central government (the other three being Beijing, Shanghai and Chongqing). Designated by the central government as the economic center for northern China, the city hosts many multinational companies: Motorola, Samsung, Hyundai, Schneider & MEG, Toyota, Honda-Sundiro, SEW-Enrodrive, GSK, Novozymes Biotechnology, Servier Pharmaceuticals, PPG Coating, to name just a few.

As its main focus, Bei & Ocean provides a full range of patent services for domestic and overseas clients, including patent drafting (in Chinese or English), prosecuting patent applications, counseling and rendering opinions, advising on cross-boarder license agreements and IP risk management in China, and representation in invalidation proceedings and patent litigation.

At Bei & Ocean, we are experienced in the entire spectrum of the patent practice, as opposed to merely processing the national stage of PCT applications. Our experiences at original drafting, counseling, prosecution and litigation reinforce each other. For instance, while at the job of drafting or prosecuting an application, it comes to us as a second nature to challenge our work from the point view of an opponent in potential litigation. This broad prospective and mentality, perhaps unique among Chinese firms, enable us to produce high quality work for our clients.


"Focus and paying attention to
detail is a habit. For over twenty
years, we've gotten ourselves
into that habit. Dry, dull it may
be at times, we've thrived
over the long run with that habit."
Prof. Zhenhua Jiang, Founder


Books on patent practice by Prof. Zhenhua Jiang
A young patent system thriving in a country deeply rooted in tradition inevitably invites misconceptions about its roles. With rapid economic growth there comes a pressing need for more practitioners who themselves can understand correctly the fundamentals of the patent law. To shoulder the educational responsibility, members of the firm have been active in giving seminars, providing annual training classes and writing books. Recently, Prof. Jiang has completed the second edition of his five popular patent-related books. The firm is a proud contributor and supporter of our ever-maturing patent system.


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