We attach great importance to your comments and suggestions. While language and cultural differences may still be a barrier for many overseas clients, with more of you willing to share your experiences and ideas, we are confident that we can make your business in China more efficient and pleasant. If you happen to be Hong Kong or Tianjin, please feel free to stop by our offices.


Hong Kong Office

Suite 1308, 113 Argyle Street
Hong Kong

Phone: (852) 2762-2122
Fax: (852) 2762-2133
email: manager@bei-ocean.com


Tianjin Office

Suite 603
Tower A
Time Square
Anshan West Ave.
Nankei District

Phone: (86) 22-2300-9123
Fax: (86) 22-2748-8628
email: tianjin@bei-ocean.com


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